Genevieve “Gigi” de Manio, a distinguished wedding photographer with over twenty-five years of experience, is celebrated for her ability to narrate the tale of love through her lens. With the precision of a photojournalist, the creativity of an artist, and the heart of aromantic, she approaches each wedding with a unique perspective.

Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a high-profile affair like the weddings of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky or Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, Gigi has a knack for preserving genuine, tender moments, transforming them into timeless memories with every click of her camera.

Gigi will soon release the captivating coffee table book “SILVER” published by Goff Books/ ORO editions. This collection of immersive wedding images showcases her talent and unique perspective, offering readers an intimate journey into her artistic vision.

Today, Gigi resides and operates her studio in Carlisle, Massachusetts alongside her husband and three children. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to capturing the beauty of love continue to make her a sought-after photographer, cherished by couples seeking authentic and heartfelt wedding memories.